Dudley Creek Flood Remediation

Client: Christchurch cCity Council
Location: Christchurch
Date: Oct 2017 - Feb 2018

We were a subcontractor to Downer NZ ltd. This was a Christchurch city council project and part of the wider Dudley creek flood remediation project.

Scope: Installation of 300mm SED retaining wall with 50×200 structural grade H4 lagging timber


Project description:

St Albans creek was part of the wider Dudley creek flood remediation project.

Stringent environmental controls were adhered to for the duration of the works.

Up and down stream hydro damps allowed the baseflow the by-pass pumped.

Once the area was electric fished, the works area could be dewatered.

The project was challenging as it was down a steep bank. 7m long x 2.4m deep trench boxes was installed which allowed a safe working area within the boxes to drive the piles into the ground. once driven into the ground, the lagging was installed, followed by bidim cloth behind the wall and backfilling.

Once completed, the trench box was pulled out and moved upstream and the process is repeated.

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